Under the leadership and direction of Roy McAree whose comprehensive experience in all facets of the motion picture industry has provided the insight to grow the entire GMG portfolio.

Internationally, GMG has a robust business providing quantity content. Most of our Asian titles are dubbed in English and many in Spanish. We have placed into distribution libraries that includes more than a thousand films from the libraries of Abacus, Ltd, IFD Film Arts & Services. Many movies were produced in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and the United States.

GMG is one of the leading films & television industry’s quantity content providers, producing, distributing programming worldwide in every genre and for every platform. In addition to managing one of the industry’s largest martial arts libraries of award-winning feature films, television shows and formats, GMG is home to a thriving global content business, operating a robust portfolio of content distributed across the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, as well as linear and digital channels around the world. We are committed to maintaining an expansive library with multiple genres to accommodate the quantity content for the home entertainment marketplace.

We offer more than 2000+ films from a range of genres, time periods, and international sources to enrich and diversify the choices you offer to your viewers.


Wu Tang Collection

Golden Media Group manages the world’s largest collection of Martial Arts Films for the “Wu Tang Collection” brand available to stream on multiple platforms.



Free To See Movies

FREE TO SEE MOVIES is your destination for a wide range of eclectic films and series. It brings you rare and hard to find titles that otherwise may have slipped through the cracks. Follow-us for a truly random viewing experience of premium content!