About Golden Media Group 

Founded in 1996, Golden Media Group, Inc. is now dedicated to exploiting content on the Internet in particular managing the hugely successful Wu Tang Collection available on Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime and many other independent platforms.

In the past the company placed into distribution and managed the DVD libraries for a number of high profile clients, mainly specializing in Asian genre movies. This includes two thousand films from the libraries of Abacus, Ltd, Golden Star Films, Inc. and the Ting-Tong Production Company. These many movies were produced in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and the United States.

DVD releases include such best-selling titles as ‘Death By Misadventure: Secret Life of Bruce Lee’, ‘Bruce Lee’s True Game of Death’, ‘Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Years’, Jet Li’s famous ‘Legend of Kung Fu Hero’, and the DVD release of the Quentin Tarantino favorite ninja TV series ‘Shadow Warrior’ starring Sonny Chiba

One of Golden Media’s major clients, Adness America, Inc., specializes in Japanese Action and Horror movies. The Horror library includes best selling titles ‘Shikoku’ and ‘Inugami’, and the complete extremely popular ‘Tomie’ series. The Action Library includes the best quality extensive Sonny Chiba collection including ‘G.I. Samurai’, ‘Swords of Vengeance’, ‘Shogun’s Samurai’, and ‘Karate bullfighter’, all must-have collector titles. Golden Media Group is proud of launching in North American the cult status TV series ‘Ultraman,’ Volumes 1 and 2.

And all rights in the United States and Canada to the popular children’s television series “ULTRAMAN”, “ULTRASEVEN”, “ULTRA Q”, “IRON KING”, “RED BARON: GIANT ROBOT” and the “GAMERA” series of eleven feature films.


Roy McAree – CEO / Owner

Mr. McAree is founder and CEO of Golden Media Group.

Mr. McAree was the Production Executive in charge of the forty episode Television series “KAMEN RIDER - DRAGON KNIGHT” which aired in the United States on the CW network and on Television throughout the world.

Mr. McAree served as a distribution executive with Paramount International Films for fifteen years living and working in Europe, the Far East, and Latin America. He also headed the American Motion Picture Export Association’s operation in Africa serving all the major American studios.

He discovered the Hong Kong films starring Bruce Lee and formed his own company to handle the world sales of “BIG BOSS”, “FIST OF FURY”, and “WAY OF THE DRAGON”, followed later by the first eleven films starring Jackie Chan.

From 1987 until 1989, Mr. Mc Aree acted as the United States representative for and as a Director of a United Kingdom company which financed and distributed several motion pictures, including Sakura Killers, White Phantom, Necromancer, and Aftershock, Bodycount, Arizona Heat (starring Michael Parks and Denise Crosby), Smart Aleck (directed by Jim Wilson, producer of "Dances With Wolves" and many more), Retribution, Ghost Chase I and II (directed by Roland Emmerich of "Independence Day"), Family Reunion, Blackout, Mindgames, Moon 44 (directed by Roland Emmerich of "Independence Day"), Peacemaker, Under Surveillance, Demonstone, Phantom Of The Mall, Night Of The Chameleon, and Mindgames. From 1993 to 1996, Mr. McAree served as Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Sky Entertainment, Ltd., a U. S. motion picture distributor specializing in the foreign markets. In 1996, Mr. Mc Aree became CEO of Golden Media Group Inc.

Mr. McAree resides in Newhall, California, where he performs with and directs for the Friendly Valley Little Theatre. He served in the British Army as a Lieutenant; is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art - Drama Department; acted in the Rutherglen, Repertory Theater in Scotland; produced and directed The Lion City Revue, a one hour Supper Show which ran nightly for three years in Singapore; and owned restaurants in Lagos, London, and Singapore. His recreations include lawn bowling and golf.


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